QuickLZ 1.5.x
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In a distributed code/data build solution like IncrediBuild a huge amount of data has to be transferred between machines over the LAN. QuickLZ consistently gave the best compression/speed ratio results in our evaluation benchmarks, so switching over to use it as our preferred compression library was a no-brainer. Integration was simple and straightforward, and support was remarkably responsive. Great product!
Uri Shaham
Director, R&D
Xoreax Software


QuickLZ was very easy to integrate and provides excellent performance/compression ratio. The few questions we had during integration were answered fast and well. The product has been rock-solid since we started using it in January 2007.
Thomas Burg

comForte GmbH


We're a video sharing site located in China. We rewrote the PHP memcached client extension by replacing zlib with QuickLZ. Then our server loads were dramatically reduced by up to 50%, the page response time was also boosted. Thanks for your great work!
Jiang Hong


QuickLZ was the best of the compression libraries we tried in a speed vs compression ratio test, offering a good compression ratio with a low execution time. We use it in RapiTime to compress Terabytes of continuous timing analysis data, processing it on-the-fly. We found it easy to integrate, it has been reliable and stable.
Ian Broster
Rapita Systems, Ltd


QuickLZ significantly improved the speed of our product compared to LibLZF. It took less than a day to integrate and has been rock solid having run many terabytes of data through it.
Ned Harding


We have used QuickLZ in our study about parallel civil engineering computations which requires to transmit considerable amount of data among computers. To overcome this communication overhead problem, we tried most of the open-source compression algorithms available on the net. Unlike all the rest, QuickLZ improves our algorithm considerably with its high speed.
Semih Ozmen

MS Student
METU Civil Eng. Structural Lab.

Our main database consists of more than 100 TB of data compressed with QuickLZ that enables us to quickly process it without having to invest into much more CPU power. Very good compression ratio and excellent performance is the key to our ability to handle insane amounts of data in a sane timeframe. It would probably be easier for us to stop breathing than to go back to GZIP.
Alex Chudnovsky

Managing Director
Majestic-12 Ltd


The lessfs file system depends on fast hashing and compression algorithms. Tests have shown that the fastest compression algorithm available is QuickLZ. It provides an excellent compression ratio with a speed that no other compression technique can match. Integration of QuickLZ with lessfs was very simple and straightforward. If you require high speed, good compression and stability, QuickLZ should be on the top of your list.
Mark Ruijter

As an author of freeware I have to consider that many of my users are running on old equipment, and many are running on top of the line equipment. QuickLZ has allowed my software to store 1000's of lossless compressed bitmaps in memory, about 1 MB each uncompressed. It has to both compress and decompress in real time to keep the video flowing smoothly. It does this fine even on old Pentium III machines. On new machines, with 1920x1200 desktops, it also handles compressing/decompressing these bitmaps in 3 to 4 ms which allows smooth animation.
F. G. Zacharias