outSSIDer automatically attempts to connect to any open access point that comes within range as you walk down the streets hunting for WiFi.

When an attempt is made it alerts you with sound to stand still and wait. That way you don't need to watch the screen while walking - you can even close the laptop lid to save battery!

The connection is then verified against payment hotspots and restricted networks by trying to fetch the Google website icon.

If it fails connecting or verifying, it alerts you with the sound again and resumes scanning.

Now also for Android! Find it on Android Market!


  download v.1.0
Windows XP needs Wireless LAN API if outSSIDer fails to connect and .NET 2.5 if it fails to launch. Both are lighweight on a netbook.

outSSIDer is now freeware. No spyware, no ads, no serials.

outSSIDer is based on inSSIDer from metageek (thanks!). You can write bug reports, request features or comment outSSIDer in this guestbook: