QuickLZ 1.5.x
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Version QuickLZ 1.5.1 BETA 7
Download quicklz.c

Increased compression speed of level 1 of the C version from 308 to 341 MB/s on 64-bit x64. Other architectures and compression level 2 and 3 are not affected.

Also fixed a condition where QLZ_MEMORY_SAFE could fail detecting corrupted data. Thanks to Pascal Cuoq and Kerstin Hartig who used Frama-C's value analysis.

Fully backwards compatible with 1.5.0 such that 1.5.0 can decompress any 1.5.1 data and 1.5.1 can decompress any 1.5.0 data.


    BETA 7, 07-Oct-2011: Fixed a compile warning. Fixed backwards compatibility issue with 1.4.x (not present in 1.5.0 or other final versions).

    BETA 6, 18-Jul-2011: Prefixed "likely" and "unlikely" with "qlz_" because of collision in Linux kernel. Also #included intrin.h manually in Visual Studio.

    BETA 5, 19-Apr-2011: Added branch prediction hints (available on GCC and ICC only) for slight speedup

    BETA 4, 06-Apr-2011: We managed to tweak it to perform well on ICC and VC and enabled it there again :)

    BETA 3, 05-Apr-2011: Disabled optimizations for ICC and VC because they actually perform slower there. Optimization is now for GCC only

    BETA 2, 04-Apr-2011: Added support for Intel C Compiler intrinsics.

    BETA 1, 29-Mar-2011: Initial release.